Frequently Asked Questions



What are your Nicotine Strengths?

Nicotine Strengths

6mg - This strength is for casual and social smokers. Great for who smoke less than half a pack a day of light or ultra light cigarettes.

12mg - This strength is for those who smoke up to a whole pack of ultra light/light cigarettes or up to half a pack of full flavored cigarettes. Also good for those who have scheduled smoke breaks and need to intake more nicotine in a shorter period of time.

18mg - Great for smokers who consume a pack a day or a little more of full flavored cigarettes. Usually a good starting ground for most smokers as this level can quickly deliver them the amount of nicotine they are craving.

24mg - For those who are very heavy smokers and those who have been smoking for many years, consuming up to two packs of full flavored cigarettes in day.



How do I use my E-cig?

E-cigarettes are not meant to be used like a real cigarette. A "puff" on an e-cig starts by pulling the vapor slowly into the mouth for 3-5 seconds,

then inhaling to the lungs. You cannot use a short hard pull on an e-cig because this doesn't allow the coil to heat up enough to vaporize the e-

juice correctly and may not result in desired nicotine or flavor delivery. While most e-cig users do inhale vapor to the lungs, it is not necessary

because mucus membranes in the mouth and nose also absorb nicotine. Persons with serious lung diseases caused by smoking, such as

emphysema, can take advantage of this - since inhaling anything further, even mist, is not advised.  Furthermore, the size of the droplets in e-cig

vapor are 10x bigger than those in cigarette smoke which makes it impossible for the vapor to penetrate your lungs the way that real smoke does.



What is in my e-juice? 

E-juice contains just 4 ingredients:

Propylene Glycol - This is what gives the throat hit like from a cigarette. This ingredient is FDA approved for foods, toiletries and many other things that we use in our everyday lives. Some people experience a level of sensitivity to this ingredient. If you have trouble being around a "fog machine" chances are you may have PG intolerance. This doesn't mean you have to give up vaping! There are many suppliers that are now making 100% Vegetable Glycerin e-juices.

Vegetable Glycerin - another FDA approved ingredient. VG helps produce a thicker vapor and lends it's natural sweetness to the juice. VG is used in pharmaceuticals and foods.

Flavoring - flavor concentrates are often used in candy making and baking.

Nicotine - Our nicotine is USP Grade and made in the USA.